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Dear Sirs,

TOP-2 Fabryka Chusteczek Higienicznych is situated in Łódź City in Poland. Our factory was founded in 1993 when the present shareholders of the company: Tomasz Garncarek, Paweł Kramarz, Stanisław Sołtysiak and Janusz Walędziak have decided to combine efforts and create a company manufacturing hygiene articles. The necessary upgrading work has permitted on the extension of the product range.

We have many years' experience in manufacture of paper handkerchiefs, both under our own and the client's brand. We supply them to supermarket chains, multinational companies, advertising agencies and many others. Currently we produce cosmetic tissues in carton boxes and handkerchiefs in packets a’10x10. We have standard products in our offer as well as we realize individual projects for our customers.

In 1999 we started a widespread marketing activities related to the export of our products to Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia. We also export to such countries as Germany, The Netherlands, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Today this part of our business represents around 40% of the turnover of the company.

At the end of 2011 our firm transformed into a joint stock company. This year we are going to make our début on the Forex stock market.

Our factory  is certified to ISO 9001:2008 in production, storage and distribution of facial and cosmetic tissues

Despite the difficult market situation and omnipresent competition, we look ahead with optimism.


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TOP2 - fabryka chusteczek
ul. Wróblewskiego 39/41, 94-103, Łódź
tel.: +48 42 640 21 96
fax.: +48 42 640 21 98


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